The Franklin Electric Thursday, July 21th, 20:00pm

Loto-Quebec Stage

In 2011 Jon Matte loses a close friend. The initial shock brings forth some kind of vertigo where he would now have to take risks, play the game, dare to use that vulnerability and concede a part of his pride while writing songs. Even though Jon studied in music, learnt his way around production studios, played in metro stations and accompanied many artists,  the urgency never had him in a stranglehold. The Franklin Electric is formed and in 2012 go on to win a Nashville songwriting competition for the song "Old Piano", amongst 8000 participating bands from around the world. Jon Matte then invites a number of friends and musicians in studio to create, brick by brick, his first album.  A simple desire governs these first improvised sessions, to build songs of regret and hope that has the same emotional impact on listeners that it has on him.  "This Is How I Let You Down" first appeared independently before being re-launched in May 2014 through the label Indica Records (Half Moon Run, Phantogram) and following some initial adjustments, The Franklin Electric settles on a core of musicians which includes Jon Matte, Martin Desrosby, Kevin Warren and Ken Pressé. After performing with Half Moon Run & City and Colour on their Quebec tour in 2014 the band set their sights to Europe for their first tour and then returns a second time to open for The Barr Brothers. After a busy summer touring festivals in Canada followed by two European tours and an Australian tour in the fall / winter to support the release of “This Is How I Let You Down”, the band is back in the studio to capture that lightning trapped in a bottle; the magic that started it all, that vulnerability and fragile state of mind that tormented them during the production of their first album.

Half Moon Run Thursday July 21th, 22:30pm

Loto-Quebec Stage

Half Moon Run was formed when three multi-instrumentists from Ottawa (Ontario), and Comox (British Columbia) met in Montreal. Devon Portielje (voice, guitar, percussions), Conner Molander (guitar, keyboards, percussions) and Dylan Phillips (keyboards, drums) built a unique musical aesthetic, mixing Indie, rock, pop and folk, including light guitar melodies and a touch of electronica. The trio is soon joined by Issac Symonds (guitar, keyboards, percussions), and the band then gets ready to conquer the world with its first album release, Dark Eyes, in 2012. Very well received, the album won much prizes and recognition; « Indie rock album of the year » at GAMIQ 2012, « Producer of the year » at ADISQ 2013, « Group or duo of the year » at the 2014 Independant Music Awards, International Award at the SOCAN in 2014. The album is also successful in its sells, getting a gold certification for more than 40 000 units sold in Canada. This success spreads way over Canada’s frontiers. Half Moon Run already performs more than 400 shows in 17 different countries, including well-know festivals, while Dark Eye gets an international distribution deal via Glassnote Entertainment Group. In 2015 autumn, the band announced the release of their second album, Sun Leads Me On, and the beginning of a worldwide tour in which they will visite Europe, Autralia, USA, and without a doubt a lot of other destinations.

Melissa Etheridge Saturday July 23th, 22:30pm

Loto-Quebec Stage

Melissa Etheridge’s name has been heard on the America rock scene as soon as she released her self-titled album in 1988. The album contains super hits such as Like the way I do and Bring Me Some Water. These Hits gave her the opportunity to play at the 1989 Grammy Awards. Well known for her social engagement, go to attitude and of course her amazing talent, the american singer with a hoarse and warm voice remains, for more than 20 years, one of the most appreciated in music. Her musical work includes massive hits such as No Souvenirs, Ain’t it Heavy, I’m the Only One, Come to My Window and I Want to come over, and many more. The singer, who goth her own star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame, won two Grammys and an Oscar (for the theme track I Need to Wake up from Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth documentary).

The North American Pyromusical competition

Tuesday July 19

Royal Pyrotechnie (Quebec)

Opening night fireworks (not competing)

Designer: Yanick Roy and Jean-Pierre Beaudoin (soundtrack)

Theme: 35 ans, ça se Fête!

Wednesday July 20

Boreal Fireworks (New-Brunswick)

Competing Fireworks

Designer: Bernard Frigault

Theme: 1982

Thursday July 21

Orion Fireworks (Quebec)

Competing Fireworks

Designer: Patrick Chandonnet

Theme: Warrior

Friday July 22

Sirius de Mexico (Mexico)

Competing Fireworks

Designer: Pedro Julio Sebastia Pitarch

Theme: Diablo Rojo

Saturday July 23

Garden City Display Fireworks (Ontario)

Competing Fireworks

Designer: Michael Bohonos

Theme: Everybody Dance Now!

Sunday July 24


Closing night fireworks (not competing)

Designer: Yanick Roy

Theme: Flashback, from 1960 to today